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reality check- an informative post - teaintheghetto
reality check- an informative post
Today I watched A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.

It was fascinating. I highly recommend it for people who are curious about what life will be like in the near future.

Experts estimate in 20-30 years there will not be enough oil to support the lifestyle of the society we live in now. Some believe we will go back to a society that existed before there were cars, before the 1920s. The main energy source then was coal, another nonrenewable energy, and petroleum, which may not be available in 20 years from now according to the documentary.

The other energy sources that we have looked into: ethanol, bio diesel, nuclear energy, wind, hydrogen, and solar only make up a small fraction of the amount of petroleum we use now. Worldwide we use 25 to 35 billion barrels of oil annually.

Oil, the supply of energy, not money, is what makes the world go round and with out it there will be some serious chaos unless we substitute our current energy source with in the next twenty years, which is highly unlikely. Even if we had a new source of energy now experts believe it would take at least thirty years for the world to transition.

What frustrates me the most is that we knew we were running out of oil as we moved from exploiting one country to the next, yet with all our technological advances and ingenuity we did nothing about it. Only now, when almost all our oil is depleted, do we care to think about the future generations. Does this theme sound familiar to you? It does to me.

Cheers to what lies ahead!

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