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Looking for your path in life? How about you please your parents and yourself and take a free test online that could tell you what career fields reflect you as a person. I did and you can to. Its only 75 questions, you got time. Gosh, I'd make a damn good sales lady.

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I wish I could do all of this in an hour and have the money to do so! 

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So I just got back from Russia two weeks ago with my family and I thought I would share some pictures. I had to say the trip was quite a fun experience. My family and I traveled by boat from St. Petersburg all the way to Moscow stopping at small towns in between. The people appeared cold and tough on the outside, but were surprisingly nice. My favorite part of the trip was when we got to eat breakfast in a Russian family's home. Did you know they make really awesome porridge and crepes over there? It was so special because I actually got to connect with the people and learn about how they live their lives. It is totally different what you learn following a tour group verses what you learn from the people themselves. By the way the people on the ship were 95% elderly, haha. I can say from this trip that Americans and Russians are not too far off from each other and the Russians seem to think highly of us. Here are some pics!
This is the Hermitage it is the second best and biggest museum after the Louvre in Paris! They said if you spent a minute to look at every piece of art in the museum you wouldn't not finish until 6 years later!
This is me in front of the infamous Spill of Blood where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated by a man who threw a bomb underneath his carriage!
  Got to learn all there is to know on Russian Vodka =)
  My sisters and I in front of one of Russia's oldest Cathedrals made entirely of wood, which is impossible to see from this picture!
  Here a Russian mail-order Bride already to go!
My tiny ass bathroom I had two share with my sisters on the boat hah! Yes that is the shower too!

We are taking an escalator down 150 ft to the metro.

Some dirty woman getting turned on by a crow nibbling on her breasteses! Look at the grin on her face!

We decided to play musical chairs in the park.

One of the many cathedrals within the Kremlin Palace Gates where their Congress meets.

A shot from the side of the boat at night.

Maybe I'll put up more later because my computer is about to die on me!
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Recently, I stumbled upon an awesome website called videojug.com, while trying to find a good recipe for a Greek salad. For others  who know of its existence I apologize for wasting your time. I am probably one of the select few who didn't know about it, but I felt I had to share this new knowledge.This website is badass! Their motto is life explained on film.  It is there to provide all kinds of information about life via video. Anything you could possibly imagine they probably have a video on it at their website. Some of the main categories include: food & drink, hobbies & leisures, health, beauty, technology, love, DIY at home, safety and survival, cars, pets, etc.  They have professionals for advice, handy tips, and new ideas for all kinds of topics. They also have very silly videos. All the videos are really short and simple, thus even people with short attention spans can watch their videos.

I highly recommend you guys check it out. I am sure you all will learn something new or possibly how to handle a sticky situation better.

For example: Does anyone aspire to be a break dancer?
 Want to learn how to tie a tie?
Want to win at rock paper scissors?
How to get your pet in shape.
Give a man to man hug.
Have a romantic picnic. -->yes, this all can be found at videojug.com

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Tomorrow morning, I am going to paint old ladies' finger nails as well as learn how to play dominoes, hehe. This will be fun. I am going to get my ass kicked by old people.
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I get paranoid working in my microbiology lab.

Even though I know there is bacteria everywhere, it's the fact that you know everything you touch in the lab has E.coli all over it. I mean where are you suppose to put your back pack or where do you sit? Are you not suppose to swallow or lick your lips?

We did this small experiment to see if bacteria is growing on anything you have..so I did my mechanical pencil. The next day I checked my media and sure enough there was like 6 bacteria colonies growing on it.

And the smell..is so foul!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine will consist of studying and volunteering as well as pigging out =)
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My Awful Week:

Monday/Tuesday- I got sick with the sinus cold crap including the clogged nose in one nostril that keeps you up till 4 and the headaches that welcome you in the mornings.

Wednesday- While still sick and running low on sleep, I enjoyed my bus ride to school listening to 2 brainless sorority girls talk gossip about one of their members using  the only vocabulary they know "YEAH! YEAH!", "I know", and "LIKE" the whole way to school. I wanted to yell out shut up so bad. I get to my class and for some reason attract sick people to sit by me snorting and coughing the whole time as well as copying what I wrote down.

Thursday- I missed my journal conference for English because I accidently erased the email that mentioned what room it was in, but looked on all 3 floors of the building for the T.A .anyways.  After giving up, I went to the nearest computer to print out my English argument for my class that was going to begin in 8 min, only to find that it would not upload my file because I have an outdated version of Word. Freaking out, I ran home to my condo from school (which is  a 12 min walk), while carrying 2 books in my backpack. Then finally got to my condo and printed it out . Caught a bus back to class, arriving there 15 min late. Luckily, they took my paper. That night my stress didn't let me sleep.

Friday- I tried to find a house I was suppose to study at with my sorority/volunteer group for required hours. I ended up getting lost and stuck in traffic wasting 2 hours of my day and gas. Oh yeah, somebody left a metal wrench in the road that I ran over because I was too busy looking for a street and scratched the under belly of my car.

All I have to say is "It don't matta. None of this mattas."

What luck I have.
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I sucked up a sock with my vacuum cleaner     =(
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My summer sum up:
Went to North Carolina with family, the Frio River with Chris and got lost on the way there, shopped in San Marcos, painted my condo in Austin, and met up with my college buddies at Schliterbaun.
Got Calculus and English 1301 done at ASU.
Went to three weddings.
Hung out with old and new friends.
Baked deserts.
Ate out a lot.
Saw Superbad, Knocked up, and Transformers.
Had a messy room all summer.
Washed my car twice.
Played with my kitty.

Now I am bored and back at school anxious to get back into my busy routine. I am taking Principles of Animal Behavior, Microbiology, Microbiology lab, Spanish 3, and American Literature. Hopefully, I can get into an athletic class.

That's all for now. I have spanish homework to do.
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